Admissions Policy

It is our intention to make our Nursery genuinely accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community. In order to accomplish this, we will

  • Welcome all families within our diverse community
  • Admit children from 2 years old
  • Be flexible about attendance patterns to accommodate the needs of individual children and family
  • Ask you to register your child and state what sessions you will require initially. Please note that unless the child is entitled to Early Years Funding there is an initial non-refundable registration fee of £25 which includes a book bag.
  • Offer free 30 hours funding subject to availability. This is offered in 3-hour blocks. Additional hours over the 3 hours per session incur a fee.

In the event of a tie for a place the criteria will be applied as follows:

  • Looked after children (LAC)
  •  Children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)
  • Children on the waiting list taking into account the staff to pupil ratios and the balance of ages of children in the nursery.

 The main intakes are September, January and April. However, it may be possible to take a child at other times by mutual agreement with the Nursery.

 After a child has started at the Nursery, additional sessions may be offered after clearing the waiting list.  

For information about admission to Platt Primary School follow this link: under ‘School Policies’.

This policy was adopted on 2nd May 2017