General Information


Our safeguarding policy can be obtained from the nursery. Contact us here

Starting Platt Nursery


All children are welcome at Platt School Nursery. Our experience shows that most children are ready to start nursery between two and three years old. Parents should put their child’s name on our waiting list as early as possible so that we can plan admissions carefully. However we cannot guarantee that your child will have a place as soon as you would like.

For children not receiving Early Years Funding there is a non-refundable registration fee of £25 per child to cover initial administration costs and a book bag.

Children leave the Nursery in July ready to join a reception class in September of the year in which they become 5 years old.


Daily routines allow time for individual, small group and large group activities. There will be a range of play activities covering the main areas of learning, which may be linked to a theme, learning or practising skills, or exploring and experimenting with new concepts and ideas. Some activities are more focused, adult-directed activities.

Key Person System

Each child is assigned a key person who observes and records the progress of each child and liaises frequently with parents.

What To Wear

Children can wear their own clothes; however, most tend to wear school uniform.

Girls: grey skirt/pinafore, white blouse or polo shirt, green cardigan, green/grey/black tights, white socks, and Platt Primary School sweatshirt. Boys: Grey shorts/long trousers, white shirt or polo shirt, grey socks and Platt Primary School sweatshirt.

No jewellery should be worn.

During the summer months, sun cream and a sunhat are advisable.

Snacks and Lunch

During each session, the Nursery provides a healthy snack and milk for all the children.

For children staying all day, and for afternoon sessions, children bring a small packed lunch with a drink. The lunch box should contain a small, frozen cool brick. There is also the option to buy a school dinner.

 Toys from Home

When your child begins in the Nursery, he or she may wish to bring a soft toy for comfort and security. These soft toys are placed in the ‘Home box’ and should be collected at the end of the session. Generally, other toys from home are discouraged due to possible damage or loss.

Links with Platt Primary School

  • Playing

The nursery children use play space in the school grounds and sometimes play with children from the reception class.

  • PE /Music in the School Hall

There are four sessions in the hall per week allocated to these areas. Our  2 PE sessions offer a chance to experience a much larger space than the classroom in which to develop physical skills both on the floor or using small apparatus.

Our music and movement sessions include circle games, finger rhymes, interactive songs and the use of musical instruments.

  • Assembly

The children going into Reception attend the main school assembly on a  Friday morning, where they enjoy mixing with the whole school.

Transition to Primary School

Older children in their last term* in the Nursery join those in the reception class from time to time to help them to become familiar with the larger environment of a primary school. For those that go to Platt School, they become familiar with the layout and the staff in the school too. Parents find that their children are very happy about the transition to ‘big school’.

* There are 6 terms per year; 2 in the Autumn, 2 in Spring and 2 in the Summer